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US-T892006-I4: Defensive publication patent, US-T911017-I4: Defensive publication patent, US-T921001-I4: Manufacture op potable water from sea water patent, US-T986007-I4: Stress diffuser patent, US-8597000-B2: Structural improvement of a canned motor pump patent, US-8650523-B2: Sub-circuit models with corner instances for VLSI designs patent, US-8665538-B2: Imaging lens apparatus patent, US-8757946-B1: Cargo restraint apparatus patent, US-8793435-B1: Load miss result buffer with shared data lines patent, US-8799575-B2: Memory card cleaner and method of utilization patent, US-8859578-B2: Natural product derivatives with antiprotozoal activity patent, US-8946908-B2: Dual-metal self-aligned wires and vias patent, US-8987890-B1: Flexible chip set encapsulation structure patent, US-8999477-B2: Universal medicine bottle attachment patent, US-9074036-B1: Preparing method for aqueous emulsion via dispersible urethane acrylate copolymerization patent, US-9077758-B1: Test mode authorization logging patent, US-9112100-B2: Method for fabricating pixelated silicon device cells patent, US-9199503-B1: Linerless thermally-responsive record material patent, US-9203536-B2: Frequency drift estimation for low cost outdoor unit frequency conversions and system diagnostics patent, US-9235246-B2: Computing device and power supply method of connection module patent, US-9240004-B2: System and method for issuing prepaid negotiable instruments patent, US-9316697-B2: Management system and estimating method for battery parameter patent, US-9331710-B1: Method and apparatus for encoding digital data into an oversampling digital to analog converter patent, US-9343343-B2: Method for reducing particle generation at bevel portion of substrate patent, US-9404671-B2: Radiant heat lifting device for outdoor flame heater patent, US-9562391-B2: Driving head for telescopic drill rods and machine comprising said head patent, US-9613851-B2: Method for manufacturing interconnect structures incorporating air gap spacers patent, US-9618192-B2: Small-spacing LED screen patent, US-9620965-B2: Fractional order series resonance system for wireless electric energy transmission patent, US-9666424-B1: Method and apparatus for operating a germicidal UV device with a programmable logic controller and a bluetooth low energy solution patent, US-9785357-B2: Systems and methods for sampling data at a non-volatile memory system patent, US-9807864-B1: Electrode, accelerator column and ion implantation apparatus including same patent, US-D244653-S: Cover for tissue boxes or the like patent, US-D245397-S: String reel patent, US-D246203-S: Lighting panel patent, US-D249852-S: Chair patent, US-D256842-S: Building patent, US-D256981-S: Pocketknife patent, US-D257925-S: Circular game table patent, US-D259845-S: Goblet or similar article patent, US-D260358-S: Roofing material cutter patent, US-D261344-S: Wall-hung coffee machine patent, US-D261367-S: Front cover for thermostat regulator housing patent, US-D261881-S: Battery eliminator patent, US-D275209-S: Video game cabinet patent, US-D275523-S: Spotlite for attachment to the bill of a sport hat patent, US-D280888-S: Combined timepiece dial and hands therefor patent, US-D285751-S: Family tree picture holder patent, US-D291191-S: Lower inner part of a door panel of an automobile patent, US-D293352-S: Doll patent, US-D296892-S: Telephone set patent, US-D299122-S: Tire patent, US-D304090-S: Multi-function lantern patent, US-D309792-S: Wall lamp patent, US-D310067-S: Computer display workstation patent, US-D310225-S: Snow plow blade patent, US-D311997-S: Embossed diaper cover stock material or similar article patent, US-D313117-S: Golf bag patent, US-D313420-S: Auxilliary eyeglasses patent, US-D314010-S: Book patent, US-D321118-S: Magnetic vice grip adaptor pad patent, US-D322568-S: Container for paper and vinyl products patent, US-D328264-S: Badge patent, US-D329074-S: Golf ball patent, US-D331389-S: Wireless remote controller for an air conditioner patent, US-D335726-S: Cattle halter patent, US-D336131-S: Instrument support attachment for dental equipment patent, US-D342510-S: Combined television receiver and video tape recorder patent, US-D351199-S: Stuffed animal patent, US-D353570-S: Automobile body front end unit patent, US-D353816-S: Selective call receiver patent, US-D357680-S: Portable telephone patent, US-D361649-S: Combined litter box and sifting cover for felines patent, US-D363145-S: Headgear patent, US-D369794-S: Cassette tape patent, US-D372222-S: Electrical contact patent, US-D372483-S: Data storage media autochanger patent, US-D378927-S: Computer output printer patent, US-D390507-S: Motorcycle air cleaner cover patent, US-D397514-S: Combined set of artificial nails and support therefor patent, US-D398353-S: Golf putter head patent, US-D398865-S: Protractor and drawing template patent, US-D409855-S: Workstation patent, US-D412506-S: Wheel loader exterior patent, US-D421923-S: Cooking timer patent, US-D423212-S: Case for a video camera patent, US-D429448-S: Fast food chicken bag patent, US-D432899-S: Lance latch patent, US-D437505-S: Portion of a disk holder patent, US-D440342-S: Sconce lighting fixture patent, US-D441114-S: Desk lamp patent, US-D441205-S: Inflatable furniture patent, US-D454222-S: Lighter patent, US-D454478-S: Surface mount latch patent, US-D454719-S: Bed patent, US-D455226-S: Hair styler patent, US-D457616-S: Ceiling recessed type ventilating fan patent, US-D461263-S: Candlestick patent, US-D466276-S: Shoe heel patent, US-D477565-S: Tire tread patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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