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JP-H03263254-A: Parallel processing system patent, JP-H03263345-A: Ic element test prober patent, JP-H0326337-A: Isomerization catalyst patent, JP-H03263849-A: Wire bonding apparatus patent, JP-H03266558-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-H03266781-A: Device capable of moving along surface patent, JP-H03267639-A: Heat exchanger device patent, JP-H03267831-A: Demodulation circuit for spread spectrum signal patent, JP-H03268372-A: Bridge type magnetoresistance element patent, JP-H03268749-A: Orthodontic appliance patent, JP-H03270434-A: Path testing system for atm switch patent, JP-H03270807-A: Vibration cutter patent, JP-H03271282-A: New epoxy compound and production thereof patent, JP-H03272024-A: Optical disk device with focus abnormality detecting function patent, JP-H03272026-A: Tracking controller patent, JP-H03272455-A: Acoustic emission sensor patent, JP-H03273059-A: Thermoset resin mainly comprising acaroid resin patent, JP-H03273415-A: Microprocessor patent, JP-H03273652-A: Joining method of resin-coated bonding small-gage wire patent, JP-H03274404-A: Instrument for measuring cubic configuration patent, JP-H03274651-A: Metal halide lamp for horizontal lighting patent, JP-H03274979-A: Picture display device patent, JP-H03275511-A: Production of oxide-based superconducting film patent, JP-H03275997-A: Variable displacement vacuum pump patent, JP-H03276125-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H03276222-A: Ultrasonic distance measuring device patent, JP-H03276489-A: Semiconductor storage device patent, JP-H03276502-A: Headlamp for automobile patent, JP-H03277106-A: Collision preventive apparatus patent, JP-H03278613-A: Voltage comparator patent, JP-H03279675-A: Start circuit for engine patent, JP-H03279968-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H03280160-A: Arithmetic operation scheduling supporting device patent, JP-H03280268-A: Variable length recording and coding system patent, JP-H03281334-A: Piping with inside coating patent, JP-H03281715-A: Treatment of continuous graphite spheroidization for molten iron patent, JP-H03281843-A: Connecting structure of beam and panel patent, JP-H0328206-A: Production of vinylidene fluoride polymer and use thereof for paint compounding patent, JP-H03282322-A: Vehicle azimuth detector patent, JP-H03282390-A: Active sonar device patent, JP-H03282475-A: Projection exposing device patent, JP-H03283410-A: Manganese-silicon magnetic multilayer film and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H03283747-A: Telephone set patent, JP-H03284478-A: Power plant frame structure patent, JP-H03285922-A: Polybutene molding patent, JP-H03286199-A: Controller for ceiling fan patent, JP-H03287039-A: System for monitoring leak of liquid flowing through piping network for every monitor area patent, JP-H03287552-A: Preparation of trifuloroethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene patent, JP-H03287849-A: Production of dry ceiling board patent, JP-H03289305-A: Destination notifying unit patent, JP-H03289330-A: Motor reel with charge control function patent, JP-H03289409-A: Coin wrapping machine patent, JP-H03289788-A: Variable rate image coding system patent, JP-H03289994-A: Sewing machine patent, JP-H03291316-A: Method for operating blast furnace patent, JP-H0329178-A: Storage device patent, JP-H03293248-A: Printed board turnover device patent, JP-H03293304-A: Connector for high-energy beam optical fiber patent, JP-H03294009-A: Method for rolling tube patent, JP-H03294201-A: Cardiac muscle-protective solution patent, JP-H03294520-A: High-strength carbon fiber and precursor fiber patent, JP-H03295268-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H03295525-A: Suction implement for vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H0329743-A: Set-up type container set with hand strap patent, JP-H03297744-A: Paper sheets separation mechanism patent, JP-H0330027-A: Exclusive control system patent, JP-H0331289-A: 1,1-dioxopenicillanoyl oxymethyl d-6-(alpha-(methyleneamino) phenylacetamido)-penicillanate and its salt, preparation thereof and remedy for bacterial infection therefrom patent, JP-H0331330-A: Production of polymer film patent, JP-H0331434-A: Production of clad material containing metal matrix composite patent, JP-H0332353-A: Power control circuit patent, JP-H0332445-A: Method for removing smoke and malodorous gas from burnt mold patent, JP-H0332756-A: Electrostatic precipitator patent, JP-H0332935-A: Four wheel drive type power vehicle patent, JP-H0333258-A: Treatment of cotton fabric and apparatus therefor patent, JP-H0333728-A: Photometry device patent, JP-H0336047-A: Matrix printing head patent, JP-H0336453-A: Conditioned air outlet construction for vehicle patent, JP-H0336531-A: Optical logic circuit patent, JP-H0337070-A: Indoor circulating sterilization system using ultraviolet air sterilization duct and its method patent, JP-H0337080-A: Activating method for automatic fire extinguisher patent, JP-H0337501-A: Electrostatic capacitance type detecting apparatus patent, JP-H0337976-A: Shortcircuit connector patent, JP-H0339165-A: Method for sintering human body implant patent, JP-H0339318-A: Curable resin composition patent, JP-H0340290-A: Data transfer system and address converter patent, JP-H0341693-A: Enclosed type magnetic disk device patent, JP-H0343344-A: Paper pack patent, JP-H0343847-A: Data transfer system to cache memory patent, JP-H0343925-A: Flat thermal fuse patent, JP-H0344138-A: Communication network between user's device patent, JP-H0344398-A: Antifungal and antibiotic substance r106 derivative patent, JP-H0344467-A: Ion implantation device patent, JP-H0344493-A: Cold rolled steel sheet having superior press formability patent, JP-H0344933-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0344950-A: Device simulation method patent, JP-H0345180-A: Control of driving of variable air gap motor patent, JP-H0346030-A: Ai tool patent, JP-H0347797-A: Template shop for steel structure patent, JP-H0348244-A: Method for processing silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H0348937-A: Input/output instruction executing system for virtual computer system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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