Production of glass fiber heat insulating material for folded board


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject heat insulating material, excellent in fire resistance and incombustibility and good in finished appearance, by covering both sides of a matlike material of glass fibers with nonwoven fabrics, needle punching the covered matlike material, bonding organic fibers with the nonwoven fabric on the other surface by heating and simultaneously crimping penetrating organic fiber bundles in the inner layer part. CONSTITUTION: Nonwoven fabrics 2 and 3 of drawable organic fibers (optimally polyester, PP, etc.,) are present on the surface of a matlike material of opened and chopped glass fibers 1 and processing of needle punching is carried out so as to pass organic fibers constituting the nonwoven fabrics 2 and 3 through the mat layer and project from the opposite surface while being drawn. The organic fibers (2a) and (3a) projected to the surface are melted by heating and bonded to the nonwoven fabric 2 and 3 of the organic fibers on the opposite surface. The penetrating organic fibers in the inner layer part are simultaneously crimped to press and densify the mat in the thickness direction and afford the aimed heat insulating material. COPYRIGHT: (C)1989,JPO&Japio




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