Polyether imide nonwoven cloth, polyether imide-inorganic fiber mixed nonwoven cloth and production thereof


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject nonwoven cloth suitable for the production of a fiber-reinforcing thermoplastic resin molded article by dispersing short fibers containing polyether imide short fibers in water, accumulating the fibers on a water-permeable substrate to form a fiber mat, impregnating the mat with a solvent capable of dissolving polyether imide and drying the product. CONSTITUTION: A fiber mat is produced by dispersing short fibers containing polyether imide short fibers in water and accumulating the short fibers in the dispersion on a water-permeable substrate. A solvent capable of dissolving polyether imide (preferably methylene chloride) is uniformly impregnated into the fiber mat and then dried to obtain the objective nonwoven cloth containing polyether imide short fibers bonded with each other at the contacting points. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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