Method for charging raw material in bell-less blast furnace


PURPOSE: To obtain uniform distribution of coke and ore by charging the coke into head of plural hoppers in downstream side of ore hopper group and discharging the coke under the specific condition after starting discharge of the ore. CONSTITUTION: The coke 10 is charged into 1 - several hoppers at an ore kind discharging hopper 3 side in the ore hoppers 1. After the lapse of time Ts after starting the discharge of ore kind 9, the coke 10 is discharged on the ore kind 9 on a belt conveyor 2. Position of starting the discharge of coke 10 is set to within 10% the ore discharging time T ore . Coke discharging time T coke is set to at least ≥30% the ore discharging time T ore and the coke 10 is superposed at ≥30% the total ore quantity. The superposed ore 10 and coke 9 are charged into the ore kind discharging hopper 3 and this is discharged and charged into a furnace top bunker. The ore 9 and coke 10 discharged from the furnace top bunker is charged into a blast furnace through a swinging chute. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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