Ic element test prober


PURPOSE: To monitor an image before mounting and to evaluate it by aligning an element to be detected at an aligning position, feeding it to a probing position, bringing a probe needle at points of a signal lead terminal, and holding a conducting state. CONSTITUTION: A solid state image sensor 11 held on a stationary stage 4 at an aligning position is imaged by a monitor 14 of a TV camera 7 of an arm 6, and an X-Y-θ stage 3 is so operated that a set aligning pattern coincides with a reference pattern 15. Then, a slide stage 2 which places it is moved to a probing position, a holder 9 for holding a lens 13 at its top is moved down by an arm 8, a probe needle 12 group is brought into contact with the signal input terminal of the sensor 11, and its lower surface is formed with a dark space together with the stage 4. In this state, the sensor 11 is operated similarly to a practical use, it is visually judged by a function evaluating monitor 17 to evaluate its function. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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