Wire bonding apparatus


PURPOSE: To obtain a wire bonding apparatus for increasing the bonding strength of a lead to a bonding pad, etc., by providing a recess along the vibrating direction of a bonding tool at the end of the tool, and providing an uneven part in the recess. CONSTITUTION: An oscillation controller for outputting a signal corresponding to input information, an oscillation unit for generating a voltage responsive to a signal to be output from the controller, a vibrator 2 for vibrating by the voltage from the unit, a horn 3 provided at the vibrator 2, and a bonding tool 9 mounted at the horn 3 are provided, a recess 10 is provided along the vibrating direction 2 of the tool 9 at the end of the tool 9, and an uneven part is provided in the recess 10. For example, a circular-arc-shaped groove is formed along the vibrating direction Z of the tool 9 at the end of the tool 9 to form a recess 10, and grooves each having 5μm of depth are formed at an equal interval along the circular-arc-shaped circumference in the recess 10 to form protrusions 11. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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