Heat exchanger device


PURPOSE: To make it possible to detach a heat exchanger simply by sliding a sliding board fixed by a single screw by a method wherein one dihedral angle of the heat exchanger is supported by a bearing made of a resin formed body, and a dihedral angle which is on the opposite side of the first sharpness is placed on a sharp-pointed contact part, and the heat exchanger is fixed by a fixing device which consists of a sliding board from the bottom. CONSTITUTION: Around a heat exchanging chamber 5, a resin foramed body 7 is placed in order to prevent moisture condensation from happening. On this resin formed body 7, holding parts 7a, 7b to hold a heat exchanger 4 are symmetrically projected. The holding part 7a on one side is formed into a bearing 8 which has a V-shaped cross section and supports one dihedral angle of the heat exchanger 4. The other holding part 7b is formed into a sharp-pointed shape, and from the bottom to the top, a contact part 9, on which a dihedral angle on the opposite side of the first sharpness is placed, is provided. Under this contact part 9, a fixing device 10 for the heat exchanger 4 is equipped. This fixing device 10 has a lower plate 11 which is fixed on the holding part 7b and a long hole, and at the same time, a sliding board 14 provided with a bent piece 13 so that the tip forms a V shape together with the contact part 9 is attached with a screw 15. In the meantime, on the heat exchanger 4, a handle 16 for the time of detaching is provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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