Bridge type magnetoresistance element


PURPOSE: To reduce the fluctuation of offset voltage depending upon a temperature by approximately equalizing the temperature coefficient of a resistance value to that of the resistance value of a magnetic film in an adhesive layer. CONSTITUTION: The title bridge type magnetoresistance element is composed of a substrate 1 and a magnetoresistance element having a magnetic film 2, adhesive layers 3 and conductor films 4, and a material having a resistance temperature coefficient close to that of permalloy constituting the magnetic film 2 is used as the material of the adhesive layers 3. Consequently, the resistance temperature coefficient of the whole magnetoresistance element can be brought near to that of the permalloy organizing the magnetic film 2. A metal Mo displays excellent characteristics as the material of such an adhesive layer. Accordingly, the temperature dependency of the magnetoresistance element can be equalized, thus reducing the temperature change of offset voltage. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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