Vibration cutter


PURPOSE: To improve quality of cutting by vibrating the whole of a tip minutely at a vibration cutter using the throw-away tip, by fitting the tip vibratably at the tip of a tip holder by means of a fulcrum and a disk spring. CONSTITUTION: When a work 25 is rotated in the arrow direction and the edge end (a) of a tip 3 cuts into the work 25, the edge end (a) is turned downward with a fulcrum member 17 as a center due to cutting resistance given on the edge end (a). Then, the rear portion upper surface of the tip 3 collides with the lower surface of a washer 18, and the end (a) is turned upward due to its repelling force, and the rear portion lower surface of the tip 3 collides with a receiving portion 22, and the edge end (a) is turned downward again. Also, as the edge end (a) is vibrating minutely at all times, this vibration is transmitted to the whole of the tip, and self-exciting vibration is made in response to the change of a load. This vibration is reversely transmitted to the edge end (a), and vibration cutting is done. Further, when the elasticity of a spring 12 is regulated by changing the fixed position of a slide screw 13 by turning a bolt 8, repelling force is regulated, and when a clearance (b) is regulated by means of a vibration regulating bolt 19, vibration is changed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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