New epoxy compound and production thereof


NEW MATERIAL:A compound shown by formula I [15-70mol group in X is group shown by formula II and the residual 85-30mol% group is group shown by formula III; G is group shown by formula IV or formula V; R 1 is O or 1-10C hydrocarbon; Y is -O-G or -N-(G) 2 ; Ar is (halogen-substituted) ≤20C aromatic hydrocarbon; m is 1-3; n is D-20]. USE: A raw material for epoxy resin having excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical characteristics, dimensional stability, electrical characteristics, etc. PREPARATION: An aldehyde shown by formula VI (R 2 is H or 1-10C hydrocarbon) is reacted with an aldehyde shown by formula VII (Z is OH or amino) and an aromatic hydroxy compound shown by the formula Ar-(OH) m in the presence of an acid catalyst to form a polyol compound shown by formula VIII (15-70mol% group in X is group shown by formula IX and the residual 85-30mol% is group shown by formula X). Optionally the compound is hydrolyzed and reacted with an epihalohydrin and/or β-methylepihalohydrin. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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