Joining method of resin-coated bonding small-gage wire


PURPOSE: To prevent the peeling of a small-gage wire coating material by conducting first bonding onto a semiconductor element by a small gage wire, drawing out the small-gage wire from a pinhole at the tip of a capillary only by the same length as looping Length while moving the capillary onto the top face of a lead and performing second bonding. CONSTITUTION: The tip of a bonding small-gage wire 2 coated with a resin 1 is pulled out of a pinhole 4 at the tip of a capillary 3, and the bonding small- gage wire 2 is heated and melted by the heating means of H 2 gas, etc., thus forming a ball 5. The ball 5 is placed onto a pad 7 on a semiconductor element 6, only by approximately the same length as the length L of a loop 8 joined by contact bonding by the tip of the capillary 3 is drawn out of the tip of the capillary 3 moved vertically or obliquely upward after first bonding, and second bonding (stitch bonding) is executed while form ing the loop 8 under the state. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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