Metal halide lamp for horizontal lighting


PURPOSE: To suppress an arc from floating and prevent an arc from swaying by applying electric current to one electricity supplying lead wire toward the reverse direction to the arc current and placing the lead wire in a specific position. CONSTITUTION: Electric current is applied to one electricity supplying lead wire 6 of a light emitting tube 1 to the reverse direction to that of electric current of an arc 10 in the light emitting tube 10. The distance RL between the lead wire 6 and the axial center 8 of the light emitting tube 1 and lamp current Il(A) are defined to have a relation; 7Il≤RL≤25Il, and the lead wire 6 is set to position within a 15-75° right and left range when the right above point in the vertical plane of the axial center 8 is set to be 0°. Consequently, the floating of the arc 10 in the light emitting tube 1 is suppressed and the swaying of the arc 10 is prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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