Picture display device


PURPOSE: To display an easy to see picture and to utilize a display screen effectively by converting an inputted 2nd picture signal into a 1st picture signal when the 2nd picture signal is inputted and applying the converted signal to a picture display section. CONSTITUTION: An NTSC system television signal inputted from an input terminal 5 is converted into a digital signal at an A/D converter 6, the result is fed to a picture converter 7, then the television signal whose horizontal scanning period is subject to magnification processing is stored once in a picture memory 9 and interpolation processing in the vertical direction is implemented. A display position on the screen is indicated to a memory control circuit 8 by controlling an operating section 3 to designate a relevant read address to the picture memory 9, the picture data is read and fed to a D/A converter 10. Then the D/A converter 10 applies analog a prescribed to the picture data and the result is fed to a monitor section 4 via a switch 2, then the picture subject to magnification processing is displayed on the display screen. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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