Variable displacement vacuum pump


PURPOSE: To freely control the capacity of a variable displacement vacuum pump over a long range by providing axial relative changes between a rotor and a stator, and varying the space between the rotor in the form of a truncated cone and the stator so as to vary the intensity of pumping action. CONSTITUTION: A stator 102 consists of two portions 102a and 102b made to abut on each other in the direction of a rotary shaft and the inner face of each of the portions 102a, 102b has an inclined face which is inclined at an angle of predetermined degress to the direction of the rotary shaft of a rotor 101 (the direction of the arrow Y) and the side face of the rotor 101 has two inclined faces 101a and 101b inclined with respect to the direction of the rotary shaft and made to abut on each other. A number of streaks of thread grooves 101a' and 101b' extended in opposite directions are formed in the respective inclined faces 101a and 101b of the rotor 101 and each thread groove 101a' is so formed that its depth is gradually decreased from the upper side to lower side of the rotor 101. The rotor 101 is moved in the thrust direction to vary the space δ between the rotor 101 and the stator 102, thereby controlling exhaust flow rate. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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