Liquid crystal display device


PURPOSE: To provide bright and easy visibility and an increased visual angle even with the device of a reflection type by subjecting a liquid crystal to an orientation treatment to adjust its pretilt angle and twist angle to specific angles. CONSTITUTION: The liquid crystal of the liquid crystal device is subjected to the orientation device to adjust its pretilt angle to ≤4° and the twist angle to a 230 to 270° range. The relations between the absorption axis direction 1 of the polarizing plate on a reflecting plate side, the rubbing direction 2 of a lower substrate, the rubbing direction 3 of an upper substrate, the stretching axis direction 4 of the film, and the absorption axis direction 5 of the polarizing plate on an upper substrate side are so determined as to attain β=30°, γ=60°, F=45°, ϕ=240°. The sufficient brightness is obtd. and the display of the extremely large visual angle is obtd. even with the display device of the reflection type having no back light. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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