Semiconductor storage device


PURPOSE: To quickly retrieve data by discriminating the attribute of data taken in from the external and designating an access object area of a memory based on the discrimination result. CONSTITUTION: In the case of data write to a semiconductor storage device 9 where the data base of an artificial intelligence system is formed, data taken in from the external is held in a register 25 is transmitted to an AND circuit group 20 through a demultiplexer 24, and AND between input data and comparison bit segmenting information preliminarily set to a register 26 is operated to segment the comparison bits. The output of the AND circuit group 20 is transmitted to a comparator 14 to discriminate the attribute of input data, and the start address of a memory 22 is designated based on the discrimination result to designate the access object area of the memory 22. Thus, data reference of an attribute different from that of input data is omitted to increase the data retrieval speed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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