Image forming device


PURPOSE: To attain the aging stability of image quality and to prevent heat deterioration of powder ink by making a fixing device for an ink layer which is used at a stage for reproducing an ink sheet non-contact with the ink sheet and providing a shielding plate. CONSTITUTION: The void part 8 of the ink layer and the adhesion part 9 of the ink layer are formed on the ink sheet 1 by forming an image. The powder ink 11 which comes in contact with the void part 8 adheres to an insulating supporting body 2 with the force of static electricity by vias Vb which acts on the in layer, but the powder ink 11 which comes in contact with the powder ink adhering to the adhesion part 9 and the insulating supporting body 2 does not adhere because of the escape of charges, so that the powder ink is supplied only to the void part 8. The ink sheet 1 to which the powder ink is supplied is conveyed across the shielding plate 15 which prevents heat from being propagated to a powder ink supply part and the ink is fixed on the ink sheet at the part of a non-contact thermal fixing machine 14. Thus, the accumulated quantity of heat is reduced, the ink layer does not move to the contact part in a fixing part, and the image quality is prevented from being deteriorated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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