Connecting structure of beam and panel


PURPOSE: To keep the quality and stability of a structure for long periods as well as raise its durability by a method in which beams are fixed through a beam-receiving metal to the upper end of a reinforcing plywood plate vertically bonded along the sides of a gypsum board-clad panel for receiving the beam. CONSTITUTION: A vertically small and long square reinforcing plywood plate 2 is bonded along at least one side of a framework 1 and a square gypsum board 5 is also bonded evenly with the plate 2 to the portion not bonded with the plate 2. A back plywood plate 6 is bonded to whole surface of the opposite side to form a gypsum board-clad panel 7 for beam receiving. The panels 7 are set by facing them each other on a given place of construction site and beam-receiving metals 4 are hung and fixed to the upper ends of the plates 2. A beam 3 is put on the receiving plates 4b and fixed with nails, and the beam 3 is placed between the panels 7. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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