Sewing machine


PURPOSE: To prevent the occurrence of defective sewing and thread breakage due to floating of a cloth press body, to perform accurate control of jump, and to simplify a mechanism by providing first and second drive members, a single jump drive mechanism operated by means of a signal for a jump command, and an interlocking mechanism to rotate the two drive members to a jump position where transmission of drive to a needlebar and a cloth press body is rendered ineffective. CONSTITUTION: One base needlebar 40 parallel to each needlebar 18 is arranged on a arm 12. First and second elevating bodies 41 and 90 are respectively vertically movably mounted on the axis of the base needlebar 40. First and second drive members 42 and 92 are respectively mounted on the two elevating bodies 41 and 90. The two drive members 42 and 92 are vertically operated integrally with the elevating bodies 41 and 90, respectively, along the base needlebar 40. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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