Storage device


PURPOSE: To sharply reduce the load of a CPU by arranging memory cells like a two-dimensional matrix of N × M, reading/writing data from/in n ×m memory cells only by one instruction and making it possible to change the values (n), (m) by changing instruction data with a range not exceeding N and M. CONSTITUTION: The memory cells are arranged like a two-dimensional matrix of N × M and the storage device is provided with a decoder part for decoding at least two or more instruction data 103 and a control part 104 for controlling the sorts of reading/writing a horizontal address register 105 and a vertical address register 106 in accordance with the output of th decoder 103. Data can be read out or written from/in n × m memory cells and the values (n), (m) can be varied by changing an instruction data with the range not exceeding N and M. Consequently, sufficient processing capacity can be obtained without using a CPU having specially high performance. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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