Printed board turnover device


PURPOSE: To make the inversion of a small-sized printed board and a short system layout both performable by installing each conveying means in a pair of rails guiding the printed board at two spots up and down, and making them perform the turnover operation with the central part as the center. CONSTITUTION: A pair of rails 1, guiding both sides and having an inverse drive transfer part 12, and a conveyor belt 3 rolled on two pulleys 4, 5 at two spots up and down on a conveyor surface of the board 2 and drive by a motor 7, are installed in the conveying direction of the printed board 2. The whole printed board 2 being fed out of a preprocess is carried in space between the rails 1 and then turnover operation takes place with motive power added to the turnover drive transfer part 12. Thus, the turnover of the small-sized printed board becomes performable while a defective cause in the printed board at time of the turnover operation is eliminable and, what is more, a system layout is reducible in this manner. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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