Connector for high-energy beam optical fiber


PURPOSE: To allow the conduction of a connecting operation on a site by previously polishing the front end of an optical fiber alone, then inserting the fiber into the axial central hole of a connector and tightening a chuck nut, thereby fixing the fiber. CONSTITUTION: This connector has a ferrule part 13 which is inserted and fixed with a cylindrical heat resistant holder 11 having a hole part 10 to be inserted with the optical fiber 6 to the inner side of a very small size from the front end and a precoat tightening part 17 having a taper on the root end side and having an axial slit 15 and an internal screw 16. The axial central hole 2 having the optical fiber 6 and the step part 2a of the precoat 7 is penetrated to the intermediate part in the aixial direction. The hole part 10 is constituted of a holding part body 3 which constitutes a part of the axial hole 2 and is set slightly larger in the bore of the axial hole 2 than the hole part 10 within the very small size range from the front end part of the ferrule part 13 to the front end face of the holder 11, a cap nut 4 which is fitted onto the intermediate part of this body 3 and the chuck nut 5 which has an internal thread part to be screwed to the external thread part 16 of the precoat locking part 17 of the body 3 and a tapered hole part in contact with the tapered surface 14. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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