PURPOSE: To provide the title solution capable of suppressing to the utmost the myocardiopathy in case of ischemia along with suppressing reperfusion disorder leading to enhanced restoration of cardiac function, containing succinate ion. restoration of cardiac function after operation. CONSTITUTION: The objective solution can be obtained by adding succinate ion at a concentration of 3-30mmol/l to a cardiac muscleprotective solution containing (A) sodium ion, (B) potassium ion, (C) calcium ion and, where appropriate, (D) glucose, at concentrations of 50-200mmol/l, 10-50mmol/l, 0.02-1mmol/l, and ≤10%(w/v), respectively. For the present solution, the succinic acid reduces ubiquinone and suppresses enzyme radical generation, thereby mitigating mitochondria injury, leading to having the above-mentioned effects. And for the present solution, it is preferable that, as a cardiac muscleprotective solution kit made up of the present solution and an alkaline buffer solution (pref. an aqueous solution containing bicarbonate ion at a concentration of 100-1100mmol/l), an appropriate amount of the latter be added to the former immediately before use. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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