High-strength carbon fiber and precursor fiber


PURPOSE: To obtain the title fiber having new structure, excellent fracture toughness, tensile strength, etc., comprising graphitized fiber having specific oxidation weight-loss rate in dry air, special BET specific surface area prepared from krypton adsorption, etc., and a specific pore volume determined by carbon dioxide adsorption. CONSTITUTION: Pitch fiber obtained from coal-based pitch, etc., as a raw material is infusibilized, carbonized in an inert gas atmosphere at 300-900°C and then treated in an atmosphere containing ≥20vol.% carbon dioxide gas at 500-1,000°C to give precursor fiber. The precursor fiber is graphitized at ≥2,300°C in an inert atmosphere into graphitized fiber to give the objective fiber having an oxidation weight-loss rate A(1/min) in dry air at 650°C shown by formula I [D is fiber diameter (μm) of single fiber of graphitized fiber], a BET specific surface area S(m 2 /g) prepared from nitrogen or krypton adsorption at -196°C shown by formula II [p is density (g/cm 3 ) of graphitized fiber] and ≤0.001mg/g pore volume determined by CO 2 adsorption at 25°C. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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