Set-up type container set with hand strap


PURPOSE: To facilitate the setting up by a method wherein the title container set is composed of a fixing frame, a sheet shaped side wall, which can be fitted in the fixing frame while being rolled and at the same time, has a rigidity, and a bottom member, which has a slightly longer outer periphery than the inner periphery of the side wall when the side wall is annularly inserted in the fixing frame, and a lid; and a hand strap is fitted to the side wall or fixing frame, to be slidable in the long direction. CONSTITUTION: On a side wall 1 for which a polypropylene sheet is used, at positions which are symmetrical under the set-up condition, respective two slits in two rows, 2a, 2b, 2c and 2d are bored. One end of a hand strap 3 is made to pass through the slit 2b at the lower end from inside to outside, and then is made to pass through the slit 2a, which is located directly above the slit 2b, from outside to inside. The other end of the hand strap is made to pass through the slid 2d, which is located at the lower end on the other row, from inside to outside, and is made to pass through the slit 2c, which is located directly above the slit 2d, from outside to inside. Under this condition, the side wall 1 is inserted in a fixing frame 4, and the hand strap is wound around the lower part of a bottom 5, and the bottom 5 is pushed in the lower end of the side wall 1 by the inner side of this hand strap to form a container. Then, when the hand strap 3 is pulled upward, the hand strap slides through the slits 2 and fixes firmly the bottom 5 to the lower part of the container. After a content is filled, a lid 6 is pushed in. By this method, the title container set does not take much space for storage when it is empty, and can be easily set up for use. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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