Treatment of cotton fabric and apparatus therefor


PURPOSE: To control the residual shrinkage within a specific range and improve the uniformity of a knit fabric by continuously transporting a continuous tubular knit fabric containing more than specific amount of cotton, moistening the fabric in relaxed state and eliminating the longitudinal stress while adjusting the water content of the fabric within a specific range with a drier. CONSTITUTION: A long tubular knit fabric having a cotton content of ≥40% is continuously transported in longitudinal direction, sufficiently wetted in a 1st liquid bath and introduced successively into a series of tanks essentially without applying stretching force while keeping the relaxed state of the fabric during the transportation. The tubular knit fabric is formed in flat form, supplied to a drier to adjust the water content to 20-40% and subjected to the treatment with heat and water to adjust the water-content to 35-45%. The treated fabric is supplied to a rotary drier and the longitudinal stress is eliminated by contacting with heat and dried air to decrease the residual shrinkage to <8%. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO




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